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FOR MORE INFORMATION WRITE TO US: and if in Ecuador call right away to
04-2830654 (home hrs) 04-2860777 (office- no english) or better cell phone #097-835-794


What´s included in our Service

What we CAN give you:

If you come with us to Galapagos or Mainland Ecuador we will get you to right Hotels and operators getting you in contact with best surf guides available an all-powerful homemade ecuadorian and international cuisine and maybe even lobster if in season and lucky, Park licensed local guide and local surf tour leader. Tours for mainland surf & birdwatching activities also available. Check Price list of services in mainland.

At mainland, surf & Birdwatching tours, we will take you to the best surfspots or birdwatching spots. On a Montero 5 door 4x4 A/C or Pickup or Van. We speciallize in personal attention ( I will be your guide/driver) on small groups of 1-6 people for a detailed and taylor made tour. Also we offer the best FORECAST for your dates of arrival or can prepared you a FORECASTED TOUR if you have the means and free time to arrange a flash surf trip with us. As Forecast can be confirmed no sooner than a week before arrival it all depends on your ability to be prepared for it. Using this system we will garanteed uncrowded surf and the best surf conditions (meaning best winds and size combined and no crowds or very little) for the swell forecasted. Also as we know better than anyone in the business the best prices for food & lodging according to your need we can garanteed a great surf trip around Ecuador mainland & the Galapagos.

CANīT give you:

Guaranteed waves, but if you come on right season maybe.. Ticket of plane, airline board fee if not with our surfpackage with Hotel Orca, alcoholic sustenance (you got to pay for your vices), National Park fee $ 100 USD and Ingala fee $10, (Yes, expensive, but with this you are contributing the Park to the preservation of a pristine galapagos wildlife), tips and other extra expenses in ports (extra transportation to surfspots not accessible by boat or foot), etc.

So come with some cash.There are ATMs in main towns like San Cristobal, Salinas, Sta Cruz, Montanita, Manta and Playas.
Also is good to have travelers checks that works too for local banks cash or payments in certain places.

Credit cards are seldom useful in small towns like but bring them in case you would like to go out and eat at bigger towns like Salinas, Playas, Manta and/or Guayaquil.