Crowds-What Crowds?....

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North Seymour, many years ago. Before the
OBNOXIUS RULES. This place is now offlimits for surfers...

Tired of surfing crowds instead of waves?. Well, this is for you definitely.

I can practically guarantee you will surf no crowds here.

Actually, I got tired of surfing Galapagos & Mainland Ecuador coast alone for so many years that just this last years I decided to go open and make it public. Especially now that Galapagos have a sound legal conservation infraestructure as well as the mainland.

Ecuador & Galapagos have in total only about 500 surfers (most of them kids & teens) and of this number only 1/5 are dedicated surfers, the majority concentrates on "Salinas" & "Montañita" area. And there maybe be discovered about 50 surfspots.
Galapagos has only about 20-30 locals. Mainland Ecuador has only about 100 really good dedicated surfers all spread over the coast. So crowd in any surfspot is pretty easy to handle if you are a dedicated surfer.

Galapagos especially will be totally uncrowded on certain areas and in certain months (April-November). Ecuador mainland surfspots also, if you go on non season months and on workdays, you get nada, none, zero on perfectly line ups walls. I wont tell you where exactly, cause that is my business. I you come with us I can practically guarantee you will surf uncrowded good to excellent spots.


In fact, we may be able to discover new spots!. Only area where you can get crowds (10-20 surfers/spot) is at town, San Cristobal, Puerto Baquerizo, for a few months (Dec. to Feb.)
Also, "Montañita" at mainland and the "Salinas" area are the crowdiest spots but there are plenty of other breaks you can choose from and of high quality.

Friendly Galapagos crowd .