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A totally personal service on Tour Leading for Surfing and Adventure Eco Sports around the Galapagos & Ecuador maniland Coast. With over 20 years experience as a naturalist, birdwatching & diving/surfing owner/operator guide at Galapagos & Mainland Ecuador.
We will plan your trip according to your available time & budget. Here are some prices for your reference but please let us know your plans and let us taylor make your costs.
Tours of over 8 days get 5% discount (On off season: May-Nov), over 15 days we can negotiate a very especial price for a total surfari up & down the Ecuador beatiful coast on either season or year round.
Check DISCOUNTS on off season months for surfers (May thru' November) write me an email to:
Skype me with , send email to coordinate talk first please I dont have speakers all the time on or PC, etc. Our time is 5 - GMT. Or we have same time as Miami, NY, Costa Rica, etc

New Offer/ Option for better suit your budget or traveling ways. We have implemented recently this new way of price: you pay us $100 day for the Car/transportation and guiding & driving work and you cover expenses as: fuels, lodging, food etc. This way you can choose where you would like to lodge and eat as fit your budget and we get our fair deal for the work and car. Just write me explain better or call on Skype


Our Lodging operation is base at "Playas" Guayas province & San Lorenzo Hills (new area /Jan-07) in the Manabi province, towns on southern mainland Ecuador coast just an hour (Playas) to 3 hours (San Lorenzo) from Guayaquil City/airport and few minutes from many uncrowded surf & birdwatching spots. We specialized in small groups of 2-3 people in our own Mitsubishi Montero 5 door 4x4 AC in mint condition professionally maintained.

Bigger groups well have a Van to 8 people. You will be guided by myself a fully billingual in all areas and practically 24 hrs attention. We do a limited number of tours a year so we can garantee a relax and well serviced job.

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Birders - Nature Observers- Real State Tours
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