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To anyone reading this website, Ricardo Nuñez was an incredible help
during my time in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. I spent a few
weeks surfing both the mainland and San Cristobal island, and
Ricardo's calls as to where we would find the best surf on any given
day were always spot on. From driving me to the longest lefts I've
surfed in my life, to an incredible range of right points plus giving
me all the info I needed to make the most of my time in the Galapagos,
Ricardo proved an absolutely perfect surf guide. His knowledge of
swell, wind and tide for all the spots was flawless, he chose awesome
places for us to stay, and always knew where we could get a great meal
- I can't recommend him highly enough for anyone who wants to surf the
best that Ecuador has to offer.

Craig Ritchie, in Ecuador & Galapagos, March/April 2011
Surf Swindler Winner contest 2011 for The Bombsurf South African Magazine

(Galapagos Vision Catamaran charter comment):

Ricardo -

Charter on the islands turned out good.
Overall, surfed 5 out of the 7 days and got some high quality waves.
John, our guide, was excellent. Very knowledgable and nice person to spend a week with.
Vergie, our cook, was excellent. Food was consistently amazing. The boat was always clean, as were our cabins. All three captains were very nice and helpful. The engineer & ponga driver, were very nice and did a great job. Overall, the crew & surf were excellent. Thanks. Best, Kevin

Kevin Jentes
August, 2010

Everything went very well and we are very happy! We are already talking about next trip to either be in the Galapagos or back to Ecuador. I want to say thank u again for everything and u will be seeing me alot more in the future. Especially when the flights go straight to Manta from Miami! Im very excited about that! If u need anything let me know! AYal

Ayal Liftshitz
Real State
Fla, USA
April, 2010

(Galapagos Vision Catamaran charter comment):


Sorry I took so long to respond.  I was still in the Galapagos when you wrote, and then i forgot to respond!   The trip went well.  The boat (Galapagos Vision Catamaran) was fine, the food fine, the guide was fine, and there were only 2 other people on our trip!  The only complaint was that it was too hot to sleep at night (the fan didn't' work too well and was noisy), but that probably was because of the time of year we went.  If there is anything specific that you want to know, feel free to email me.  Thanks again for helping arrange that!

Alexandria Rubira
March, 2010


Lori and I both wanted to reach out to you and once again say thank you for taking such good care of us for four days.  Your knowledge of Ecuador and the coast everywhere we went truly gave us such an enhanced and special experience!  And since our Spanish is so weak,  it was a huge bonus that you are so fluent in English.   We will be back to Ecuador in June or July and if you are available,  we definitely plan to retain your services again for that trip.    I hope you made it home safe and sound and found some more good waves along the way!!!  Also congrats on your daughters wedding!   We hope its a magical day for you and her as well of course!      

Ken and Lori Lewis
Sound Mixing engineer


Hey Ricardo,

I had a great trip. It sucked that you got injured, would have loved to surf with you. By the way, I hope your arm is doing better. But shit happens, and it could have been me who was injured the first day of the trip. I took pretty big waves at Galapagos. Lost my watch there! The mosquitos sucked, but that's was all me, haha. And I don't have any weird diseases from the all those bites.
Basically, it was a great trip, and you were great in taking me to different breaks and helping me with everything related to that. I remember the surf everywhere and it was awesome trip overall. And you even snorkeled out even though you were injured at that! Thank you for all that! I just surfed today in 15 Celsius water and missed Ecuador righty away. And I am definitely a better surfer thanks to the whole trip.
I have only 2 real complaints, and one is pretty minor, that is, it would have been, perhaps, picking a few hostels/hosterias with more people. I didn't specify it, but I guess it would have been nice if there were a few more people around to talk to and such, since I was traveling alone.  The other one is, couple of times we were delayed for a while you were doing real-estate work. It's bothered me that it was cutting into drive times and rest times, and it was being done on my time. i.e. I was paying for gas, lodging, and food for this surf trip, not for your real-estate ventures. But it only really bothered me one day, it wasn't a big enough deal that I brought it up.
That's it. I would recommend you to my friends and anyone else that would go to Ecuador or Galapagos. I definitely want to go back, and I'll get in touch with you again when that time comes. :)

Billy Shin
L.A., CA
Feb, 2010


Dear Ricardo,
       It's monday morning and I m in the office. I already saw 10 patients and basically the only thing on my mind is Ecuador and the fact that you are probably riding san mateo with some size right about now. I just wanted to take one more time to thank you for the best time ever. Your company, stories and advice and the great waves we rode together are something that I ll  cherrish for the rest of my life. I hope to make it down there soon enough with my family so that we can go to the Galapagos with you. In the mean time we can stay in touch regarding our little project we discussed. I hope the wetsuit top I left at Frisky's is enjoyed by you or your son on many perfect days of surf.

Miami Beach, Fl
David Carmona, DVM
Feb, 2010

Thanks again for the surf trip...  Next year the Galapagos....
MD. Patrick Kavanagh
June, 09

Ditto.  great trip... looking forward to next one...

Sam Sloves
N. York, NY
April, 09


Hey brown cow... it is rainy/overcast in ny right now and i woke up today not looking at the ocean. Insert sad face here. I had such an amazing time and really enjoyed seeing and surfing ecuador. I can't wait to come back!!
thanks for the forward and the awesome pictures. This is my email...stay in touch.
Carolyn Vadino
New York, NY


I spent about a week chasing waves with Ricardo in early March of
2009 as part of a longer trip through Ecuador. Ricardo is great!  As a
surf guide, he is extraordinarily knowledgeable about where to be on
what tides and what swells.  Outside of the water, our conversations
were always interesting, his local knowledge of places to eat and stay
were crucial, and I would recommend Ricardo as a guide to any of my

Reed Gallogly
Santa Cruz, Calif
March -2009


Hey Ricardo - thanks for the tip off about the swell, unfortunately I 
was already off of SC and exploring some of the other islands and 
their wildlife by then.  Got a good session in at Tongo while I was 
there though - what a sweet sweet SWEET wave that is, wow 

Think I bumped into Bilabong a couple of times on land and water and 
he was a friendly dude - as was everyone I met!  I'm now back in the 
UK for a few weeks before heading to Europe for the spring swells 
there, starting in NW France then down that west coast, then on to 
north coast of Spain along to the west and down through Portugal - 
good times!  I had such a FAN-fricking-TASTIC time in Ecuador, it is 
difficult to put into words but one thing that was true everywhere 
was the friendliness and helpfulness of all the people I met along 
the way, and I met a LOT of people and each and every one - surfer or 
not - was super amable.  You too Ricardo, can't thank you enough for 
your advice, and remember if you ever find yourself heading to Europe 
drop me a line, more than likely I'll be about somewhere!

Take it easy and be water

Dominic Old
World Traveler
March- 2009



Nice photo! It appears I scheduled my trip a couple days too early! Though I was disappointed with the swell conditions, I did enjoy my trip and the opportunity to meet and spend time with you.

I hope I will visit Ecuador again in the near future and catch it on a day like in this photo! I will stay in touch and let you know if and when we will schedule another trip.

Thank you for your time and the knowledge you shared about the Ecuadorian coast and your beautiful country!

Bryan Kamm
Florida, USA
March- 09


Hey Buddy, I just wanted to say thanks again for a great trip. I can't wait for the next one. See ya,
Mike Gizelbach "GIZ"

Dec -08

Hey there!  Well we had an absolute blast!  We didn't meet your son, bummer!  That would've been great.   Our trip was great and you were a lot of help.  You helped us more than anyone and were so thorough with everything.  All was good at Hotel Orca.  The only problem was that they didn't accept credit cards, but they forgot to tell us that until our last night.  So we almost didn't have enough cash, but luckily the ATM machine let us take out more than we thought it would.  No worries, just an FYI.   Thanks again because you were so helpful.  My husband and I both agreed that when we come back to Ecuador we want to travel with you.  :)  Thanks again for everything Ricardo!
Take care,
Nicole Barton & Jeremy Barton


We had a great time on the coast with you Ricardo! Thanks again for all your help. I realized after we drove away we never got a picture with you...bummer! But we will always have the memories...
Sarah Showfety

From the first day until the last one and from playas to Monpiche passing by san Mateo and San Lorenzo we surf all the north and south swell sended by the Pacific ocean . Ricardo & family guide us all along the coast eating the road in the crazy ecuadorian traffic jam and making us discover a couple of confidential breaks… Gracias jefe !
Pascal Peres (Mega Yacht Captain & World Surf Traveler)

Thank you again for all the hospitality and generousness, that really made the trip for Brett and myself. We had a wonderful time and will definitely want to come back sometime in the future.  Hope Ricardo's board is working out well for him, and say hi to the family for me.
Jacob Campbell
Bonzer World

Hi! We think of you and Fernanda often as we share stories of our
wonderful visit to Ecuador.  We got some fun pictures of  tortoises
swimming and the ones at the orchid greenhouse are gorgeous.  We
greatly appreciate everything you did to make it so enjoyable and

Mary Palco & Thomas Bally

Hey Brudda. I had a great time and next time it will be even better. My comments are only good for you!
John Collier, Private aircraft pilot

Let us take this opportunity to thank you, Richard, for all that you did for us.  You were so great right up to the end and through the tough times.  You are a true friend and we will never forget you or our experience in Ecuador.  We are all missing you.  Be sure and give our love to Fernanda and your kids….thanks for sharing them with us.

We are all back on our very busy schedules but, our time with all of you is clear on our minds and when thinking of you all we smile.  I especially want to thank you for coming to Playas for the last swell and our last day.  Thanks for leading us back to the airport.  (I really needed that!)  Everything you did was above and beyond the call of duty.

Hope this letter finds you all happy and healthy……well….with the swells we at least know that you, Richard, are happy!

Carolyn McCabe /McCabe family/
Ventura Calif


Le site n'apparaît pas en première page de Google mais son propriétaire est prompt à répondre à mon email. Le ton est courtois et l'anglais de Ricardo est correct (mon espagnol impropre à la communication écrite). Son site n'a pas la dernière animation flash ni un design séduisant mais est bien conçu. Une carte dessinée à main levée et scannée et quelques informations précises sont un appât efficace. Ricardo a été pécheur pendant 10 ans aux Galápagos et organise aujourd'hui des trips d'un bout à l'autre de la côte équatorienne. J'essaye au mieux de cerner le personnage car il va falloir évidement envoyer un acompte à Ricardo, encore un parfait inconnu. Je procède en lui envoyant des traveller chèque à mon nom, ce qui m'évite de prendre un risque financier trop grand. De toute façon, il y aura toujours une prise de risque dans ce genre de transaction. A l'arrivée à Guayaquil, Equateur, le 4x4 est bien là. Nous sommes les seuls voyageurs à débarquer avec des planches. Ricardo en débardeur me fait signe de la main. Il y a un petit moment de flottement. Son visage buriné de trafiquant de drogue m'impressionne. J'ai le sentiment que nous allons être vite fixé sur la suite des événements. L'entrée en matière est idéale, nous n'avons pas encore accroché les planches sur le toit que Ricardo me presse :" Dépêchons nous, on a deux heures de route, la houle est déjà là, il faut choper la bonne marée..." Trois semaines plus tard, dans le même aéroport, l'accolade est franche. La carte dessinée à la main a tenu toutes ses promesses, Ricardo aussi et il conclu ainsi ," je ne mettrai jamais mes meilleures photos de spot sur le site, ce n'est pas ça qui doit décider les gens..." Leçon retenue.
Archi Jaeckin (Agt-07 SurfEurope Mag editor )

I just want to thank you for a wonderful time. It was a short, but very memorable visit. I do hope to come back down to Ecuador and surf with you again in the near future. I met  a new friend. I do hope that the surf tour business becomes a big hit. I will do my best to let surfers in San Clemente know about my great time with you in Ecuador. I found out at the airport that I could have taken more surf boards home with me for $95 per board. Just so you know for the future. I would encourage people to buy 2 boards so they can sell one upon their return home. I have been offered $1500 for the board. Unfortunately, it is my only board and I want to keep it. I may order 4 from Andreas in the near future - that would pay for my board and another trip down to Ecuador. My best,

April - 2007
Dean Ader, San Clemente, Calif (longboarder)

Lovin' Ecuador it was a great trip for many subtle reasons... first of all, after the welcoming at the airport, I loved Ricardo attitude right from the beginning: " hurry up, the tide will be perfect in two hours", and it was my fastest connexion ever from an airplane to a line up. secondly, Ricardo always skipped the easy & crowded spot, driving a little longer and little further to offer us the best of the Ecuador south swell season. Sharing the line up with no one around with my mates and 'the Speedo Attack' as we nicknamed him, was a great experience that I will never forget. And last but not least and definitely a sign that this man knows what he is talking about, at every surf spot, locals or travelling ecuadorian surfers saluated him and that was the best introduction to the line ups for gringos like us! Thanks ricardo for sharing your knowledge with us and to anyone planning to come & surf in Ecuador, I warmly recommand this man. Ricardo's help in organisating our trip to the Galapagos was also priceless! See you for the next El Nino, hope that San Matéo will be firing soon for you.

April -2007
Archi Jaeckin Hossegor, France
Senior Editor (France) SURFEUROPE MAGAZINE

Hey Ricardo- well, we're back home and it feels like we never left!  although i have rejuvenated my soul for the time being.  i don't know what caused it, san mateo , or paulina, but whatever the reason, i'm very happy to have gotten to know you and to have gotten to know a bit of Ecuador 's treasures.
Basil Hubbi, MD.

Hey Ricardo! Thanks for the great trip man,  we saw a lot and learned a lot.  Actually we were just talking about how we have withdrawal symptoms already...ha.  I watched your videos - they're great - you look very similar 10 years ago as today. We will definitely be contacting you for future trips to Ecuador - we've definitely decided on that. Mark
March -07
Mark Hubbi, Chemist

Ricardo - I wanted to thank you for an excellent surf trip, cultural experience, and adventure!  You have a beautiful country and great waves.  Hopefully we will be back in the near future to surf with you again. Regards, Ernie 
March 10th-07
Enie Bio, Phanton US pilot

My non-surfing wife and I took a six-day tour with
Richard in early Feburary, 2007.  He did an admirable
job of handling the sometimes difficult task of
balancing the needs of the hard-core, dawn patrolling
surfer and the later-sleeping, nature-hiking
significant other.  While no trip is ever perfect, we
are very glad we decided to hire Richard to help
smooth the path for us. 

A great testatment to his character is the degree to
which he went out of his way to help us plan and enjoy
the rest of our time in Ecuador.  From picking us up
at the airport, to helping us plan the Amazon basin
portion of our trip, to getting us to and from the bus
station, and even helping us get to Playas and
introducing us to his friends there, he did everything
he could to help us enjoy our time in Ecuador to the
very fullest.  A great guide and friend.

Richard knows the roads, knows the people, and most
importantly (for a surf trip anyway), knows the surf.
The transportation, food and lodging were all that we
had hoped...  And the surf was great.  Good surf is
always a matter of luck, of course, but Richard had
the local knowledge and contacts to get us to the
right spots at the peak of the swell so we could ride
the best waves with the least crowd.  Richard watched
the swell for the weeks leading up to our trip, and
when it came we couldn't have been in a better place.
Of 8 days surfing with Richard, only two days were
poor, four were above average, and two were absolute
scores.   One of those "score" days found us the only
two surfers on crystal-blue A-frame peaks, overhead
and glassy.  The other great day was a well-known left
point where we enjoyed arms-reach overhead sets all
morning long, with never more than eight surfers in
the lineup.  Richard's knowledge and preparation
really paid off on these days in particular, and all
the days in general.

I would not hesitate to recommend Richard as a guide
to anyone wanting to surf-tour ecuador.  His
experience and breadth of knowledge are unmatched, and
his packages represent a great value in the
all-inclusive tour market.   Feel free to email me
with any questions.

~Jarrod OLDHAM~Nurse Paramedic
Corpus Christy-Texas, USA


I arrived in guayaquil and was not quite sure my friend ricardo from the web will show up.... after a week of traveling from guayquil to manta with him I found out that he is more precise and more reliable as an average swiss....
He also organized me and another 2 friends a awesome trip to Galapagos...
Nov, 2006
Staehli Felix, Superconductor Researcher

Our Trip To Galapagos Island's:
In November 2006, 2 friends and I spent 2.5 weeks travelling and
surfing around the Galapagos Islands. The trip was absoluitely amazing
and everything ran extremely smoothly thanks to the tremendous help
that we received from Ricardo. Ricardo help us with everything from
picking us up in at the airport in Ecuador to getting us an amazing
deal with Aerogal ($300 for flight including 3 nights hotel). We were
even able to spend 2 nights at Ricardo's house with his family, who
also kindly showed us around Guayaquil while we were there.

The trip to Galapagos was amazing: we had epic waves, met great people
and saw millions of fansinating animals. The trip will definitely be
fondly remembered by all of us for a long time.
Nov 2006
Peter Futter, Ingenier
S. Africa, Nov 2006

'Ricardo and his wife are great people.
They took me and my german girlfriend as longtime friends - not clients - wich was
fantastic. Ricardo's knowledge about the waves on the Ecuador coastline is
experienced and outstanding. Our only complain with Ricardo and his wife was…
unfortunately we only spent 4 days with them!!! We wish we could have been
traveling & surfing together for 2 weeks (next time). Don't hesitate about hiring Ricardo.
You know why? Because you are going to back home with an unforgetable surf experience
and a great new friend!
You will agree…'
Max Mills, Chile

'You were the best guide, then friend, a traveler could find...'
Jac Guerrant-San Diego USA

'Ricardo really looked after us for our stay in August 2005. His knowledge
of the coastline, waves plus places to stay and eat was invaluable. He's
also a bit of a legend within the Ecuador surf community and that helps you
break down alot of barriers with the other surfers you'll find there.'
Martin, Wales, UK

"I have spent with Ricardo & son over 15 days on a photo surfari up & down the beaches and surfpots of mainland Ecuador, we had a great time and surf and even discovered several potential new spots. The waves, weather, places, hostales, food, drive, etc all fine. I highly recomend Ricardo`s Galapagosurf tours to anyone interested in having a great time and great discovery surftrip".
Woody Woodworth of

"Good to hear from you Ricardo.  Hope all is well with you and the family.  We
really enjoyed our stay with you and the time in the Galapagos".
Keep in touch.   Fred from N.Y.

"Tu website esta muy bien y profesional, facil para navegar, etc.  y la mapa
es buenisima"

Scott Muller of Expediciones Tropicales, S.A.

Hi Ricardo, Wow what a great site!! I have been researching surfing Ecuador on the internet and found your site excellent!! I am a Kiwi surfer from New Zealand in the south Pacific.
Tony Young, NZ