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In this moment of humanity, I think, there are few activities, social, civic, human, that are so needed as the ecological activities or the quest for a sustainable development. Especially in third world countries. The participation of each and every young person is needed, to diminish, if not stop the short term way of thinking, nonglobal, nonfraternal of previous generations, that still see nature and resources as inexhaustible. Is not the purpose here to blame anybody; just to be conscious of past mistakes and take actions in the present.The struggle is not against generations, is against past perspectives, created interests (industries, ¨productive¨ activities, etc.) that have as an end the consumption or transformation of resources that need to be protected, for the good of those same productive activities. But, because these activities require large amounts of money for their operations they turn against themselves by their economic urgencies. As a dog that has gotten so hungry, it starts to try biting its own tail. Therefore, looking at the planet, from a simplistic, materialistic, short term and selfish way, cause by an inherited ignorance and compulsive behavior.

Youth in this times don’t have that ignorance anymore. So, they should act now. The ¨development no matter what¨ generation, has short sight glasses over their eyes, so they see up to a certain distance only. They can not see that they are going to the same predicament towards disaster but especially their own sons and grandsons are the ones who will really live this disaster in all its magnitude. This filter they have on, convince them that they are ¨producing¨. And that at this time there is only production or die.The question is FOR HOW LONG?..
For how long there will be resources, nature; so they can produce so called ¨development¨. Its so simple it seems they just don’t want to understand. They have had this short sighted glasses for a long time, and it seems as if it has become part of them.There are alternatives for certain industries. It´s been proven in other countries where there is regulation (Canada, USA, Cuba, Costa Rica, etc.) where i.e. salmon has become a sustainable industry. Cuba exports lobster in a sustainable way to occidental countries. Costa Rica has no oil and no military expenses and turned instead into Education, Tourism and Preserving its major and real resources; its forest, wildlife people and beauty.For that matter we need, more that ever, real idealists, who are the ones who think by themselves. The ones that have the capacity to maintain always their own perspective and defend it and live according to it. I think we need young people, idealist that talk more what they feel. We hope that the media join and collaborate in this, giving and setting up space for this people, therefore strengthen and support democracy in this way too. Sustainable development is real development, thinking in our future as in next generation’s future too.And the saddest part of all besides this ignorance is that in the name of this ¨productivity that country needs it ¨ anybody can extinguish its own nonrenewable natural resources (real savings) and be rewarded with a medal or diploma. The sad part, is that this ¨production¨ obtained by the sacrifice of the country natural resources, a mutilation of it, a real crime against it; this so called productivity will disappear inside the big throats of bureaucracy, bad administrations or the industrialists that after they got what they wanted, will take this production to other parts of the world where it suits them better. Because now they ¨own¨ that productivity and they decide what to do with it: a part of our country. Same as to maim an organ of a friend and take it elsewhere to sell. This nation its being raped and throwed on other places of the world, ripped apart. Us, simple citizens won’t have anything but resignation until we find out that the paradise we had it’s taken out and what we have now are leftovers. This are the real antination, this is another outcome of institutionalized corruption that to the people who really love this country, shame us.It is up to us, common citizens to make a difference. Let’s not wait for others to do it for us.
That has been our experience and that is why we are, where we are.Anything towards a sustainable and/or renewable productivity is OK. Globalization or industrial globalization taken lightly, could bring serious consequences to third world countries if certain projects do not have a proper Eco-evaluation and research. To use nature is one thing, to exploit it is another, and is no good business, nor development or ¨modernization¨, to mascarade it with those names.

Now, to complement what has been said before with answers and propose solutions to this great ignorance that we are living, I rather use this word ¨ignorance¨ describing third world or undeveloped countries. And that includes: corruption, lack of vision, lack of creativity, low identity, wrong perspectives, misseducation, etc. So then, to this ignorance or lack of right education, one answer or solution clearly is Tourism. And, specifically Eco-Adventure Tourism. And I will explain why.I think that in developing countries like Ecuador, the main problem is not that we are poor, or that the World Banks have us in chains with debts; although it could help to loosen those chains a little for ¨global¨ benefit, or that we don’t have resources, etc.The main obstacle in these countries, is to find a way to get the money where it’s needed or attain a better redistribution of income on the low levels of society.This means to get over the system or chain of International Loans-National Banks-Person or Company-Industry-therefore jobs-therefore income.
Is necessary also, that these countries go over industrialism. Because, is not necessary nor convenient. In fact, there is enough industrialism on most of these countries. In Ecuador’s case, Substantial agro exportation and oil exportation. In short, I think that industry has made its job already.But, the question follows, where is the money?. The money is still in 10% of the population. Poverty keeps increasing. Why?. Because we keep using only the model International Bank-Local Bank-Loan-Industry-jobs therefore wealth. But wealth where?. Well, enough years has past by to know the answer.Now, why "Eco-Adventure Turism" and not tourism (I like to call it Traditional tourism)?. Will explain that further, now I will make a few empiric calculations to illustrate a few convenient points of Tourism in general as an integral developing source model in countries like ours in Latin America.At present there is around 500 thousand tourists entering each year in Ecuador, this has meant to the country roughly 300 millions USD according to last data(1997). This means that Tourism has become one the main production sources in the country, after Oil and agroindustries like banana and shrimp.Now, lets imagine that with a proper government promotion of the country’s natural attractions and the private tourist companies (the only real promotion that really is) we could sell to 1 million tourists that will enter each year. And just to use a number lets think each tourist will come to expend 1000 USD. Therefore, we multiply 1 million by 1 thousand equals 1 billion USD gross income in each year.The most important thing is not the quantity, is "where this money will go". This money goes DIRECTLY from the Eco-Adventure Tourist without middle persons, banks, government or non government organizations, etc., to: the hotel, hostal or cabins local owner, boat, bus, van, restaurant or working kid who sells newspaper or cleans shoes. In other words this money goes to where is supposed to go. Without regulating or non-regulating entities. The effect is instantaneous, the injection of money is done by the tourist, creates small business owners instead of just employees, maintains jobs and keeps people from urban areas, decentralizing population, taken a great burden from the shoulders of governments and including women anb all ages, races, and areas. Avoids corruption and goes over this big source of poverty in Latin American countries. This is an efficient and effective industry that multiplies different positive answers to the ¨real¨ development we need.Now, I will explain why Eco/Adventure tourism and not just traditional Tourism. Logically we will never succeed selling Ecuador as a destiny for attractions like Las Vegas, the Caribbean, Europe, etc.,we should do with what we have, thus needing less infrastructure big loans and investments. Ecotourism is cheap, easy and to my understanding distributes currency in better way. Why? Because Eco/Adventure tourism goes to all towns or areas of the country. And Ecotourist goes to small towns like Machalilla in the Coast, different little towns of the Andes like Baños, as well as in the Amazon and of course Galapagos. In other words, what we need is a Eco-adventurer Tourist that goes elsewhere but just Quito, Guayaquil, Manta or Cuenca, etc., that will travel throughout Ecuador, that will spend this 1000-2000 USD, in all the country if possible, so I am talking of the so called ¨mochileros¨ or backpacking tourists, young people that will cover practically all Ecuador with 1 to 2000 USD, and even probably discovering by themselves areas with potential adventure tourism that we have not even imagine because generally "tourism officials" do not even ride a bike, not to mention a mountain bike!.We have to know who we are, to know what we can offer. Know thyself says the Greek and Oriental saying with famous wisdom. This is a moment to apply it. We are underdeveloped or poor (in money), ignorants or poorly educated with inefficent and corrupted administrations.As we are poor, we can not have the luxury of great investments for large and fancy infrastructures. As we are poorly educated, we must jump over industrialization cause otherwise we have first get educated to a high level, something we can not afford and is too late for that, I think, and politicians do not want it. As we are corrupt, we must get over government bureaucracy administrations as much as possible, and choose a developing model so these people don’t even see the money.Now, let’s say what we are positively and what we really have and are rich in. We have a great biological diversity (one, if not the largest in the world by density), large tourist natural attractions, climate diversity and ethnic diversity, cilunary diversity, in very short distances for any tourist to be able to cover everything in few days, therefore economically. But mainly, we are people with a natural sympathy to the foreign; we are sociable and like to be nice to people from other countries with few exceptions. These are our great resources and this is why we are really rich, but seems like we are not conscious about it yet.Then, we could achieve a fast, efficient and effective development that will primarily get to the low class, the other way around as it should be, from the traditional Banks model, and after that injection of wealth we could then talk about education, health, etc. This social stimulation will go directly to the poor masses so they could rise their levels of living by themselves saving the government a significant amount of money, work and temptation.To get completely over underdevelopment the participation of the government is needed, but in this way, even if it does or not, we are not depending on good or but administrations of our resources. Our development is really in our hands if we want to do an autoanalisis. As the wisdom says: ¨ Know thyself first, Ecuador¨.

This article or part of it can be use for all purposes but for personal uses. You dont even have to have my approval since many of the ideas here are from the contribution of many people through history.